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The Life of GRAMS

GRAMS is a brand of modern sustainable handmade objects and surface design materials based in Singapore. Our collection of trays, vessels, decorative homewares and surface materials are produced in small batches with a focus on artisan design and minimising waste.


Our nature is declining globally at an unprecedented pace, caused largely
by our consumption of products made from non-biodegradable materials and production processes that introduce waste, toxics and pollution
into our ecosystem.


At GRAMS, we believe strongly in the sustainability of our environment.
We combine the use of innovative techniques, recycled and low impact materials in the production of our pieces – such that they are safer for the planet and better for our future. Our pieces are handmade in our studio with the use of minimal machinery, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint.


Whether you are a home owner or stylist looking for an elegant piece to compliment your room, or an interior designer looking for the perfect tile colour-matched for a particular project, our team will be able to create highly customisable solutions and conversation pieces for your individual applications and use cases.

As an entrepreneur for the past 10 years, I've gotten the opportunity to witness and understand in greater detail the problems plaguing the world of fast and mass manufacturing.

The industrial revolution changed the way goods are being made. It had led to the establishment of the factory model where production lines churn out mass produced goods at astonishing speeds with an emphasis on quantity over quality. However, as a bi-product of the factory movement, large amounts of excess materials and pollution are being created each day and ultimately discarded without any thought and consideration of their impact on our planet. Automation and digitalisation has been slowly replacing manual workers and processes. We are now harnessing machines that can run day and night, consuming considerable amounts of energy through the burning of fuels or other means, to keep up with productions. Sadly, this all generates massive amounts of pollution which enters our atmosphere. All that, so that we can 'enjoy' cheaper but poorer quality goods.

The contradicting thing is, after all that trouble to make say that beautiful piece of glassware or dinnerware that you bought from the departmental store. That one night while you were hosting a dinner party, you accidentally bump into your friend and drop that plate, chipping off just a tiny little corner. Your next instinct might possibly be to throw that plate away, worried that you might cut yourself the next time. This somewhat concludes the inevitable lifecycle of that ill-fated plate from its original creation and inception to its end of life, despite being 99% functional and just 1% broken. Such a pity don't you think?

The problem gets worst if you consider the case of a restaurant where they use hundreds of serve ware each day and accidental breakage is far more frequent due to daily mishandling. Imagine the number of plates that get discarded each day, week, or month. It's certainly not great for the environment.

That is how the linear economy works, where producers create single purpose goods, which are often discarded after its intended use.

What if I told you that you can bring that functional but "broken" plate back to its maker who will then take it in and recycle it for future objects and wares? Wait it gets better, he even gives you a discount off your next plate for your recycling efforts? Too good to be true ? Well, that's GRAMS and our vision of the circular economy for homewares and materials.

“A new circular economy for homewares where we take in your 'broken' wares, reward you for your recycling efforts and then give those wares a new lease of life.”

– Colin Chen, Founder

Well you might ask, what if you don't want to dispose off that piece perhaps due to sentimental reasons? The good news is, we can actually try to repair it for you via our GRAMS Repair Service*, inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi where breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object's history. Broken objects are carefully mended by our team with eco resin mixed in an assortment of colours. The repairs are visible — yet somehow beautiful.

Essentially, each unit of GRAMS is made with the future in mind.

We use an eco-resin in place of non-biogradeable plastics, which are safer to handle and produce. We cast each object using traditional handmade techniques just let the olden days without machinery, and cure them naturally unlike ceramics or porcelain which requires glazing (contains harmful lead compounds) and firing in kilns (which waste a lot of energy and releases tonnes of pollution in the process).

We believe in producing better for our future and are constantly looking into more innovative materials, recycling methods and hybrid solutions to create beautiful and sustainable wares.

*To ensure that the repairs are durable and compatible in terms of material composition, the pieces that you are sending in for repairs will have to be from our GRAMS range of offerings. The GRAMS Repair Service will be launch in 2022 and service charges are still being reviewed.

"Let's change the world, a couple of GRAMS at a time."